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Bathroom remodeling project results

Bathroom Remodeling for Selling a Home

Get More for Your Home at Sale Time with Quality Bathroom Remodeling

Thinking about selling your house? Did you know a bathroom remodel on your Rochester, MN area home can help it bring a better price? While buyers consider a property’s overall benefits when looking for a new home, bathrooms play a key role in making the sale. That’s probably because we begin and end our days in the bathroom, preparing for life and then getting ready for bed.
Buyers want homes with good bathrooms. But, if you’re going to tackle a bathroom remodeling project before you list your home, you’ll want to make sure you get the best possible return on your investment. Today 99 North Construction would like to offer some tips on remodeling your bathroom before selling your home. We’re the remodeling contractor Rochester area home owners trust for worry free construction.

Neutral is Best

We all have our own tastes, which means you may not like mine and I may not like yours. So, when it comes to designing your bathroom remodeling project, avoid making a personal style statement. Instead, consider the overall feel of your home and try to carry it through to your bathroom. While it might be tempting to choose luxury fixtures, like a heated toilet with a bidet, it’s unlikely you’ll recoup your investment at sale time. Go for quality products and colors that offer an updated, but neutral look that allows potential buyers to imagine adding personal touches themselves. A good remodeling contractor can advise you on what changes are worth making.

Splurge on Important Features

As we said, you want to be careful when adding luxury features to a bathroom as not all of them pay for themselves. However, there are a few things that the majority of home buyers look for in a bathroom and are willing to pay for. Some examples include in-floor heat over quality flooring, an exhaust fan with a heater and a large tub or shower. If we can be of assistance, please call us. And remember, 99 North Construction provides free estimates, and can handle all aspects of your bathroom remodel, including design and construction.

Economize Space

Bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in a home. That doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of that space, though. When planning your bathroom remodel, consider adding a cabinet that provides storage space, and install lighting that can be adjusted. No one wants to get ready for work in a room that isn’t bright enough to put on makeup or fix hair. Conversely, most people like to prepare for bed in a room that is softly illumination. Additionally, adding large mirrors will introduce a feeling of openness that makes a small bathroom feel larger. If your bathroom is especially small, BHG offers some creative storage ideas.

A Professional Paint Job

Many homeowners believe they save big money on a bathroom remodel by doing the painting themselves. However, potential home buyers look at everything with a critical eye. Even superb construction can go unnoticed when a room’s paint is sloppily applied. Little details, like paint speckles on floors and fixtures suggest that the rest of the remodel might have been sub-par, too. That’s why we always advise hiring a professional painter when you’re preparing your house for sale. It will save money and make money at the same time.

We’re the Remodeling Contractor of Choice in the Rochester, MN Area

If you’re getting ready to sell your property and are considering a bathroom remodel on your Rochester area home to increase its value, contact 99 North Construction today. We provide free estimates, and can handle all aspects of your bathroom remodel, from design to building, and from or painting services to clean up

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