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hiring a contractor

How to Hire a Contractor

If you are building a new home, planning an addition or remodel, or are making improvements such as installing a new roof or windows, finding the right contractor for the job is very important. Choosing the wrong home contractor can quickly turn excitement over a project into dread. 99 North Construction is pleased to provide you with a few guidelines on how to hire a contractor in the Rochester, MN area to ensure your home project lives up to your expectations.

Look for Contractors

Finding contractors who work in the Rochester area is the first step. An internet search will provide you with some options, but be sure to ask family and friends who they recommend. Your local lumberyard may offer you a list of names they trust.

Ask Them About Their Work and Get References

Be certain the contractor you hire has experience with projects similar to yours. You don’t want them biting off more than they can chew. If they have completed the kind of work you’re looking for, then ask for at least 3 references from past clients. Then, follow through by contacting them.

Obtain Proof of Licensure and Insurance

Most general contractors are happy to show that they are licensed to work in the state or city. Additionally, they should prove that they have insurance to cover their work, your property and employees. If the contractor hesitates or becomes defensive about providing you with proof of either, it’s probably a good idea to move on.

Ask if Subcontractors Will Be Utilized

It’s not uncommon for general contractors to use subs to do part of the work on a project. If subcontractors will be used, be sure to obtain proof of licensure and insurance, as well as references from them.

Never Pay Cash and Never Pay the Total Upfront

Paying cash is risky because you have no proof the transaction occurred. On the other hand, check or credit card payments are traceable. Never pay for the entire cost of your project up front. It’s best to set up partial payments once certain milestones have been completed, to ensure the contractor doesn’t take your money and run.

Sign a Contract

Never enter into a home improvement project without a signed contract in place between you and the general contractor. Without a contract, you may have no recourse if the contractor leaves to begin another project, goes over budget or misses deadlines. HomeAdvisor offers some great tips on what a contract should contain.

Our Goal is to Be the Best General Contractor in Rochester

Whatever your building needs, hiring a trustworthy home contractor will ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget and that the work is done to your expectations. At 99 North Construction, we work hard to help our clients’ visions come to life. Our goal is to be so good at what we do that, when homeowners are looking for a trustworthy general contractor in Rochester, MN or the surrounding area, they call us first! How may we be of help to you?

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