We Believe a Healthy Dose of Nature is Good for the Soul, and Even Better for Business!

99 North Construction is proud to be partnering with Davidson Landscaping for all your business needs, inside and out!

Davidson Landscaping is locally owned and operated. The business has had its hands in the landscaping industry for more than 17 years. Separately, we’re a construction contractor and a landscaping company. As a team, we’ve combined our talents to introduce horticulture to the great indoors. Our interior plant design services are available for business clients within a 20-mile radius of Rochester, MN.

Your commercial space contains angles and open spaces that may give it a cold, sterile vibe. Interior plants have the power to transform that atmosphere by adding a peaceful, grounded feel to any room. When you work with us, lush greenery becomes an integral part of the design of your office, hotel, shopping center, or other commercial space. With features from lush conference room accents to grand-scale living walls and anything in between, even we wonder why we waited so long to join forces!

Customized Design

99 North Construction and Davidson Landscaping works closely with you to develop habitats that will support your indoor landscape. We give thoughtful consideration to things such as the function of your business, available light and water sources. We’ll offer suggestions and provide you with several options from which to choose. Once you’ve decided on the interior plant design, we’ll install your indoor plants with little disruption to your day. Our crew will work around your schedule, plus we’re very courteous, tidy and discreet.

Maintenance Options

You have the option of caring for your new plantscape based on our directions and advice. Similarly, we’ll set up a maintenance plan and do the work for you. We’ll make scheduled visits to ensure your plants look fresh, healthy and beautiful. As necessary, we will water, prune, fertilize and divide your interior plants, making sure they remain pest free.

How Indoor Greenery Makes a Healthier, More Productive Workplace

While our plants are indeed beautiful, they bring so much more to commercial areas than just aesthetics. We provide commercial businesses with the opportunity to make lasting, positive changes in the health of their workplace environments.

  • Plants increase humidity and decrease indoor airborne dust levels, reducing colds and dry, hacking coughs by up to 30%.
  • Indoor plants reduce levels of certain pollutants such as ammonia, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, benzene, xylene and trichloroethylene and nitrogen dioxide by up to 87 percent within 24 hours of introduction.
  • In a 2010 UTS study, workplaces reported reductions in stress levels and negative feelings amongst employees by a magnitude of 30 to 60% when greenery was placed in the office.
  • Rehabilitation Literature published a study citing that a company integrated plants into the workplace in such a way that every employee was within 45 feet of live greenery. Administrators reported heightened creativity and improved productivity amongst the staff.
  • Plants have a cooling effect that can increase productivity and positivity.
  • Plants reduce noise levels.
  • Frankly, plants are amazing.

From design to installation and clean-up, 99 North Construction and Davidson Landscaping provide the indoor plants businesses are looking for. We’re fully licensed, bonded and here when you need us! Our focus is on customer satisfaction. We work hard to keep open communication with our clients and offer quick responses on all customer requests. Contact us today for more information!

Also offering exterior design, contact us for more information on services. 

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