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Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Rochester, MN

Questions to Ask a Kitchen Contractor

The most important step in any kitchen remodel is choosing the right kitchen contractor for the job. Kitchen renovations typically cost between about $12,500 and $35,000.  Hiring the wrong company to manage your project could cost you in time, money and stress! We are the professional contractor Rochester, MN homeowners have come to trust bring their dreams of a new kitchen to life. 99 North Construction would like to offer you the following questions to ask a potential contractor:

1. May I see some references?

A reputable remodeling contractor is usually very proud of the work he or she does. The contractor should provide you with a short list of satisfied clients who will recommends their work. Don’t be shy about asking for references, and follow up with each of them. Ask if the client would be willing to let you check the work out in person.

2. May I see proof of license and insurance?

Minnesota requires that construction and remodeling companies have a license in order to do business within the state. A state law enacted in 2012 requires registration of commercial and residential building construction and improvement contractors who are not already licensed or bonded through the Department of Labor and Industry. Also, if a contractor doesn’t carry workmen’s compensation insurance, you may be held liable if someone is hurt while working in your home.

3. Can you give me your thoughts and advice on my kitchen remodeling design?

A professional contractor worth their salt won’t hold back on opinions about the plans you have drawn up for your project. If the contractor has nothing to say, or is too rushed to provide input, it may indicate a lack of knowledge or communication. This doesn’t bode well for the smooth completion of things.

4. Do you work with subcontractors?

If your kitchen remodeler contracts work out to other companies, ask for a full list, and then do a little investigating on your own. Ensure that they have insurance, either under their own workers’ compensation insurance or under the main contractor’s policy.

5. What is your payment schedule?

Avoid a company the requires full payment up front. It’s good business practice for a kitchen remodeling contractor to ask for a portion of the total cost of your project at the beginning, which acts as a retainer. Most contractors will set a schedule for payments based on a time frame or certain milestones in the project.

6. What is your time schedule?

Ask for a timeline that lists major milestones and comes with a proposed completion date, with notations for weather delays and such. This helps keep your project on track.

7. How much access will I have to my kitchen and appliances throughout the project?

Kitchens are typically the focal point of the home, and making and eating meals is central to family life. Understand if and how you will be able to utilize your kitchen during renovations so that you can plan accordingly.

8. What is your preferred method of communication?

Open communication is key in any successful remodeling project. Knowing your kitchen contractor’s preferred method of communication will keep that line of communication open. Therefore, this will help both of you remain in touch and pass valuable information back and forth between you.

We’re Here, From Start to Finish

From concept to clean-up, 99 North Construction is the kitchen remodeling contractor Rochester residents have been looking for. We’re fully licensed, bonded and insured, and are ready to make your kitchen dreams a reality! Contact us today to get your renovation started!

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