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Things to Remember When Remodeling the Master Bathroom

Are You Making Plans to Remodel Your Master Bath?

Master bathrooms were once a luxury of the rich. Homes typically had one small, purely functional restroom that contained a sink, toilet and possibly a tub or shower. Master bathrooms have grown in popularity, and now most new homes are designed with one in the blueprints. Adding a master bath to your current home, or enlarging your existing bath, is a great way to pamper yourself while increasing the resale value of your property. As always, hiring a reputable general contractor to do the work is a great idea. 99 North Construction would like to offer this list of things to remember when remodeling the master bathroom in your Rochester home. We encourage you to call us if you have any questions about remodeling or would like to secure our services.

Come Up with a Budget

Before you consider how big you’d like your master bathroom to be, or the amenities, determine how much you can afford to spend. Once you’ve decided on that total, set aside 10% to 15% of it to cover unexpected costs. Some unforeseen costs may include plumbing and electrical needs. These surprise expenses are one reason to hire a professional remodeling contractor. They will be experienced in dealing with such crises and can typically get the right people in fast.

Designing Your Master Bathroom Remodel

Every successful project should begin by ensuring the essentials are covered first. Does your master bathroom need a new stool, sink, tub or shower? You’ll be able to save money by designing your new space around their current locations. Therefore, water, plumbing and electricity lines can stay in the same place. A professional bathroom remodel contractor will make certain you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to design elements. Also, they can make other money-saving suggestions that may open up funds for indulgences like in-floor heat or a luxurious tiled shower.

How Big is Too Big?

A large master bathroom is nice, but be careful not to go too large. Since you’ll be spending at least part of your time naked in your newly remodeled bath, remember that open spaces with tiled surfaces can feel cool or drafty. But, keeping them comfortably warm may increase your energy costs. Consider putting the money you would spend on more space into features like a bidet with a heated seat and air-dry function, a built-in television or Bluetooth compatible speakers with surround sound.

Sensible Products

Believe it or not, carpet was once a popular choice for bathroom spaces. It didn’t take too long to realize, however, that a busy bath space meant carpeted floors never had a chance to properly dry out, and mold and mildew grew rampant. When choosing materials while remodeling your master bathroom, a reliable bathroom remodel contractor will steer you toward products that are sensible, stylish, and durable, such as tile, vinyl planking, stone or engineered wood.


Speaking of moldy carpets, plan for excellent ventilation when remodeling your master bathroom. Depending on the size of the room and the materials you choose, a good heated fan might do the job. However, it’s always smart to have a licensed general contractor advise you on ventilation. The last thing you need is to have unhealthy black mold driving you out of your new space.

We’re the Go-To Master Bathroom Remodel Contractor in the Rochester Area!

We hope these few suggestions come in handy. If you’re thinking about remodeling the master bathroom in your home, be sure to call 99 North Construction. We’d be happy to discuss your dreams. We can even help you with all of the design and construction to ensure you get the most out of your space and budget. You’ll be able to relax in comfort in your new master bath for years to come!

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