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Professional Contractor Tools

Why Hire a Professional Contractor

DIYers, We Salute You!

The internet is rife with home improvement blogs and videos, which make it easier than ever for anyone with a few rudimentary carpentry skills and access to the necessary tools and materials to tackle their own home construction or remodeling projects. At 99 North Construction, we appreciate all things building related, so we salute the do-it-yourselfers out there! However, if you’re just an average person with middling carpentry skills, there are many reasons why you should hire a professional contractor for your next Rochester, MN area home improvement project.

Proper Tools & Equipment

A professional contractor typically owns all of the necessary trappings of the building trade. Unless you have a serious woodworking hobby, you probably won’t have a variety of power tools and equipment, which means you’ll either have to purchase or rent them. If you’re purchasing, be sure to do your homework so you don’t end up with tools that aren’t built to last. If you’re renting, keep in mind that you’ll be using many of the same tools repeatedly throughout the course of your remodeling project. Therefore, rental costs may be nearly as much, or even more than, buying new. 99 North Construction is here to tell you that construction tools are costly to purchase and maintain, but worth investing in if you are planning to go into the construction business.

Access to Quality Building Supplies

Great general contractors are knowledgeable about building products and are often able to get contractor pricing through local lumberyards. Big box building supply stores are everywhere these days, and they generally sell construction materials for prices below what a local lumberyard can. The problem is, the quality of these products is often hit or miss. It’s imperative you know what to look for when it comes to good constructions materials. Poorly constructed windows, subpar steel roofing or 2x4s that warp over time may cost you dearly in reconstruction costs. According to Construction Management Guide, “Most structural failures are associated with materials and are the consequence of human error involving a lack of knowledge about materials or the combination of contrary materials.”

Understanding of Permits & Licensing

One of the most important reasons why you should hire a professional contractor is because they know local regulations. They will apply for all of the permits required to begin construction. In addition, work such as electricity and plumbing must be performed by a licensed contractor. This work needs to be inspected before the next phase of the project can begin. Contractors have the ability to schedule around these to ensure your project remains on track. 99 North Construction would be happy to talk to you about these issues and how we handle them.


Hiring your retired neighbor for your remodeling or construction project, or doing it yourself, might be cheaper than securing a contractor. Consequently, they don’t come with warranties. If the work isn’t up to par, you’re out of luck. Not only have you wasted time and money, but serious damage might occur to your home. Licensed contractors stand behind their work with a warranty. For homeowners, this means that if something isn’t right, they have legal recourse to make it so. At 99 North Construction, we understand that your home is your largest asset. Therefore, we are committed to seeing that any work completed is done right the first time. And, in the rare instance a problem should arise, we’ll be here to make things square.

Time & Money

At 99 North Construction, we truly want you to get the most out of your construction budget. Hiring a good contractor ensures your project stays on schedule and within your financial plan. In addition, you can trust the work will be of good quality. If you’re considering a construction or home improvement project, we encourage you to give serious thought to the reasons why you should consider a contractor to do the work. If you’d like more information on how we can help, please give us a call. We’re the professional contractor Rochester, MN area residents choose time and again for all of their building needs.

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